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5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories

5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories

Sun Apr 09 2023


The best way for a brand to connect with their users in a creative and personal way is Instagram Stories. Using Stories can give both visibility and engagement to your brand as short form content has gained significant popularity recently, and has become one of the biggest trends on virtually all social media platforms.

Implementation Strategies

• Process Demonstrations: Frequently share with your audience different process points of your manufacturing or creative process.

• Employee Features: Introduce some of the team members contributing to your brand's success, sharing their roles or some fun facts.

• Event Previews: Share your preps or sneak peeks for upcoming events or product launches.

Share these real life moments to dramatically boost the level of transparency and authenticity of the brand. It makes it much more relatable and approachable to your audience. Plus, it's an opportunity to showcase the hard work and dedication that goes into making your products or services, which further solidifies customer loyalty and interest.

1. Interactive Polls and Q&A Sessions

At the heart of social media, of course, lies the concept of interaction, and Instagram Stories rule in terms of adding interaction features like polls, quizzes, and Q&A stickers. With those two tools, one isn't just having fun; one can actually be strategic to get on-the-ground interaction with followers, therefore, gaining an in-depth insight into their preferences.

Strategies to Implement:

• Polls: Use polls to gauge interest in potential new products or decisions like product colours or features.

• Question and Answer sessions: Regularly conduct Q&A sessions in which your followers can ask questions related to your brand, products, or general industry knowledge.

• Requests for feedback: Ask for feedback on certain aspects of your business for guidance in subsequent decision-making and improvement.

Thereby, so much interaction helps a better relationship with your audience and gives you firsthand insights into their needs and desires to guide product development and marketing strategies. This direct line of communication basically assures the audience that their viewpoint is valued and listened to, therefore turning casual viewers into dedicated fans.

2. User-Generated Content

The classic use of Stories could very well be embedding User-Generated Content (UGC) into the Stories. Engage your followers by asking them to share photos or videos while using your products, then upload the submissions to your Stories. This is going to give you a rich pool of content, which in turn will create a sense of value for your customers who will feel like part of your brand's community.

Strategies to Implement:

• Share Customer Reviews: Post pictures or videos of customers using your products

• Hashtags: Create a brand-specific hashtag for the customers. That can easily be discoverable and later can be featured.

• Contests and Giveaways: Running contests in which customers have to post content featuring your product in order to win a prize.

Through this, you not only convey the quality of your products, but you dramatically increase the organic reach of your content, as followers are likely to share such features with their network. Other than that, real customers using your products can serve as powerful testimonials and advertisements that do not require the high costs of typical traditional marketing campaigns.

4. Flash Sales and Limited Time Offers

Take advantage of the fleeting nature of Instagram Stories for flash sales, secret special offers, and limited-time discount offers. It creates a sense of urgency and makes your audience respond immediately—thereby increasing sales and boosting engagement.

Strategies to Implement:

• Timed Discounts: Offer story-exclusive discount codes with a time-bound period, usually around 24 hours.

• Early Access: Offer your Instagram followers early access to new products or sales.

• Last-Minute Deals: Promote the last-minute deals for your products and services to drive quick conversions.

This not only drives sales in the short term but also trains your audience to always stick around with your Stories in the hope of seeing that one special offer that will blow them away. Using offers that are "story exclusive" comes along with that feeling of being part of a secret club and being rewarded for keeping up closely with your Instagram. This can enhance follower loyalty and satisfaction.

5. Influencer Takeovers

Partnering with influencers to host Instagram Story takeovers is a great way to tap into new audiences and lend a fresh perspective to your content. Choose an influencer whose style and audience align with your values and goals, and let them add their unique flavor to your Stories for a day or more.

Strategies to Implement:

• Diverse Perspectives: In your list, include other influencers from other niches that are still relevant to your brand, so that you can tap into a diversified set of demographics.

• Behind-The-Scenes: Let influencers share their personal experiences of your brand or products.

• Event Coverage: Engage influencers for the coverage of any live events or launches in order to help provide an insider's perspective to the audience on social media.

What actually works with the influencer takeovers is that they make the brand pass to new audiences and are a stamp of approval from a trusted figure within the community, especially towards younger demographics who value authenticity and personal recommendation over traditional advertising.


Instagram Stories is not just a feature but the all-in-one tool, so to speak, to elevate a brand's engagement and visibility on the platform into the heavens, if wielded with creativity. You can tell a great, effective storytelling narrative that will resonate with your current followers and will help you gain the interest of other users, using backstage content, interactive elements, user-generated content, special offers, and influencer collaborations. Adopt these strategies in storylining to make compelling, engaging stories that resonate with your current followers and bring new ones to you. Engage in the following strategies for compelling, engaging stories that evoke emotion, which allows current followers and other users to identify with your brand.

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