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How To Use Instagram Reels, Stories, And Posts on Other Platforms To Expand Your Reach

How To Use Instagram Reels, Stories, And Posts on Other Platforms To Expand Your Reach

Mon May 20 2024


The reason for Instagram's dominance in the market of social media is simply because it keeps users engaged. But letting your content be confined solely to Instagram leaves potential reach and engagement on the table. The truth is: sharing is the key, and sharing across platforms is the secret sauce for amping up your digital presence. This complete guide will walk you through powerful ways of distributing your Instagram content across many social media platforms, allowing you to increase your reach, traffic, and thereby overall engagement.

Facebook Sponsored Post

The beauty of this is, it's smart to let Instagram, being the subsidiary of Facebook, share the synergy between the two. By sharing Instagram posts and stories directly on your Facebook page or profile, you dramatically increase the reach of your content. More than visibility, it is also very instrumental in maintaining a uniform presence in all your social media accounts, since this way, your Facebook followers will be drawn to get engaged with your Instagram profile.

Tips for Good Cross-Promotion

• Automatic Sharing: You can enable automatic sharing settings through which your Instagram posts will be posted on Facebook.

• Tailored Posts: Customize the posts to make them feel more fit for the Facebook audience.

• Engagement Hooks: Add calls to action that point Facebook followers to your Instagram to get additional content.

Embed Instagram Content on Your Website or Blog

Adding your Instagram posts to your site or blog will raise the level of visual dynamism and increase social media engagement. Here's how to: Click through into the post you want, hit the ellipsis, and click to access the "Embed" menu option, then copy-paste code provided in the HTML of your website. This would help in keeping your website looking great and your visitors engaged in whatever you are doing on social media.

Website integration tactics

• Featured Posts: Showcase some of your Instagram posts that revolve around your blog content or site theme.

• Gallery Creation: Create a dynamic gallery of Instagram posts that automatically updates when posting new content.

• Interactive Visuals: Make your website more interactive and visually friendly by using embedded posts.

Share Instagram Posts to Twitter

Although direct sharing is not possible for Instagram and Twitter, it is still possible to link Instagram posts manually with Twitter. Ensure to include the main image of the Instagram post when sharing on Twitter, catching user attention. Moreover, related hashtags available on Twitter will further expand your reach and tap into new audience segments.

Optimizing for Twitter:

• Short Captions: Re-craft Instagram captions to suit Twitter character limitations while sounding short and snappy.

• Hashtag Research: Follow the trend of hashtags on Twitter to increase your post visibility.

• Eliciting Prompts: Ask questions or have call-to-action statements that encourage a response.

Use Instagram Content on Pinterest

Another excellent social network to repurpose your Instagram posts is Pinterest, which is highly image-centric. Make a Pinterest board, and start posting all of your Instagram content with its captions. This way, you will start to attract an audience that also likes similar curated, visual content. Just make sure every pin hammers back your Instagram profile so more people come to it, hence growing your followers.

Pinterest Strategy:

• Pin Often: pin often to keep your Pinterest board fresh with new content from Instagram.

• Detailed Descriptions: Add impactful descriptions laden with relevant keywords to enhance SEO and attract more viewers.

• Engaging Visuals: Pick some of the most engaging Instagram images to pin since Pinterest users are big on high-quality, striking visuals.

Use Instagram Stories for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is generally considered a professional networking site where one can delve deep into brand or even personal stories. Sharing Instagram stories to LinkedIn could give insights into your company culture or industry expertise and, in general, make your brand more relatable and approachable to a professional audience.

LinkedIn Strategy:

• Professional Tone: Adapt the message to the professionalism of LinkedIn.

• Backstage Content: Share insights of the business operations or activities of the team which will attract interest from professional contacts.

• Industry Relevance: Focus on stories that add value to your industry peers on LinkedIn.

Incorporate Instagram Posts in Email Newsletters

Your email list is a gold mine for deepening your relationship with your audience. By broadcasting Instagram content in your newsletters, this approach keeps your subscribers in the know of what you're doing on social networks. It's also a good time to gain more followers on Instagram by directly interacting with your most loyal followers.

Newsletter Implementation Ideas:

• Feature Recent Posts: Display your latest Instagram posts in a special section of your newsletter.

• Exclusive Previews: Give a sneak preview of an upcoming Instagram post within the email to create some real-time anticipation and an exclusive feel.

• CTA to Follow: Place an aggressive call to action in your newsletter, one that would encourage its readers to follow your Instagram for daily updates.

Post Instagram Reels on TikTok

Instagram Reels is very similar to TikTok in content, and since it is much the same, one can repurpose Reels onto TikTok to garner a much bigger, normally younger audience. Whenever you share Reels on TikTok, be sure to adjust them with the effects, hashtags, and style of the platform to resonate with TikTok users.

Sharing Techniques for TikTok:

• Adapt to Trends: Adjust the formats of your Reels to popular TikTok trends.

• Use trending hashtags: Use TikTok trending hashtags so that your videos are more discoverable.

• Features to keep the user engaged: Comment and challenge some to stay in the loop.


Making your Instagram reach as wide as possible is a power move for growing your digital footprint. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even TikTok, each one of these platforms can hold unique abilities in showcasing your content and engaging with diverse audiences. Adopt these strategies so that your brand gains visibility, but more importantly, you establish an engaging and cohesive online presence. You can experiment with them to see which strategies work best for your brand, and watch your social media influence grow, along with driving more traffic and engagement on these platforms.

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