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How to Schedule Instagram Stories Free

How to Schedule Instagram Stories Free

Fri May 24 2024


Instagram Stories create the most important part of both business and influencer social media strategies today. Giving users a limited time view, behind-the-scene posts, or interactive features, these quick posts have become really popular. However, doing Stories every day can get tiring. On this note, scheduling is the way out. This ensures that your brand content flows non-stop and gives enough free time to engage in other activities that may leverage your brand. Today we’ll show you the benefits, tools, step-by-step process, and the best practices of scheduling your Instagram Stories to help you free up your time and help you focus on tasks which help your overall strategy.

Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Stories

Several benefits come with scheduling Instagram Stories. First, it will save you a lot of time—a lot more than the alternatives, such as batching creation. This will add productivity to your time, as it forces you to break the habit of trying to post in real time every day. You have to pick a few times during the week to actually sit and make content so that the mismatch of posting does not happen. This becomes a consistent way of brand posting, and being consistent is key to keeping your audience engaged. Consistency builds trust and keeps your brand on top of the audience's mind. The key to more engagement is in the power to schedule Stories to go live during peak times. This can ensure the content will have the chance of getting viewed and interacted with, thus increasing overall engagement rate. A lot of the tools have many analytics of when the best times to post are, so their schedules can be catered for maximum impact. The other benefit is in better content planning. Scheduling Stories in advance will allow you to build full campaigns and be sure that every Story contributes to the bigger picture. Essentially, planning head allows for more quality and relevant content, which should better resonate with the audience.

Using Popular Tools to Schedule Instagram Stories

There are several available tools which assist with scheduling Instagram Stories, each with its own uniqueness and benefits. Some of the popular tools include Hootsuite, Buffer, Planable, Sendible, and Later. Hootsuite is a popular and liked tool, offering social media management, and is known for its user-friendly interface and detailed analytics to help track your performance.

The next great tool is Buffer, which streamlines the whole process. You can schedule and draft Stories with it, and it will also remind you to post anything that can't be scheduled automatically. There is also a wide range of further integrations for other platforms and tools with which it can work.

Planable is a tool specifically designed for team collaboration on social media campaigns. It provides a space for all your team to create, preview and schedule Stories. Such a tool is really handy for agencies or larger teams working on multiple accounts.

Sendible is the tool perfect for you when you want an all-in-one social media management solution. It offers the scheduling of Stories and integrates with Canva for easy designing. It also gives some great analytic features for tracking performance. Later is the perfect tool to schedule visual content and plan for Instagram. You can storyboard all your stories, bulk and queue your content, and track the analytics for the stories that do the best.

The right tool will depend on your specific needs, including the size of your team, the amount of accounts, and your budget.

Scheduling Instagram Stories with Apps (Guide)


1. Open Hootsuite and switch to the dashboard.

2. From the dashboard, head over to New Post and then tap on Instagram.

3. Create your Story with the option to upload and preview images or videos to see how it will look to the followers on Instagram.

4. Make media edits or enhancements using in-built minor cropping and filter tools.

5. Set to publish your story at your preferred time.

6. Tap on 'Schedule.' Using Buffer: Click on Connect below the header.

7. Click on Connect New Channel and choose Instagram.

8. Create your Story by clicking on Calendar and then on Create Post.

9. Upload media files, ordering them in the order in which you want them to play.

10. Make edits to the images or videos, if necessary, using Buffer's editor.

11. Pick the time and date you want to publish, and schedule your Story.


1. Signup on Planable and set up your account with an Instagram account.

2. Using on-screen instructions, add your Instagram account.

3. Click on 'Compose' and choose 'Story'.

4. Now you can create the Story with a few images, videos, and text.

5. Schedule the Story for later by choosing a date and time and clicking the 'Schedule' button.


1. Login to your Sendible account and reach the dashboard.

2. With the help of on-screen instructions, connect your Instagram account, if it isn't connected already.

3. Click 'Compose' and choose 'Story'.

4. You are ready to create your Story with the great number of tools provided by Sendible, plus the Canva integration.

5. Schedule the Story by clicking the 'Schedule Date and Time' button, and then choose at what time and date you want to post your Story.


1. Upload photos and videos to your media library in Later.

2. Drag and drop to arrange your media onto the storyboard tool in the order you'd like them on your story.

3. Click on any piece of media to add stickers, text or other elements on top.

4. Choose the time and date you want it published.

5. Now click 'Schedule' to early save.

Best Time to Post Instagram Stories

Be mindful of when and how often you post your stories. Therefore, one must not miss out on conducting research on the best times to post by identifying when one's target audience is most active. The idea is to have your stories exposed to as many people as possible. Instead, aim for a consistent posting schedule that provides good interaction with your followers without being intrusive. Build stories so that you can create suspenseful or intriguing story arcs.

Keep changing between different styles like photo graphics or video sequences and add interactive elements like polls and questions to get the audience involved. Build a narrative. Ensure that all your story content is aligned with the message of the brand and resonates with the followers. Keep the tone in the same style. Ensure your Stories reflect your brand identity by being visually consistent. This includes color, font, and style. Make sure all interactive features are used to drive up engagement.

Polls, questions, and links are some of the tools you can use from Instagram to add audience engagement. They also spice up the Stories you're creating. Monitor the performance of your Stories and make data-driven decisions. Use Analytics for Views, Taps Forward, and Exits to identify what type of content performs the best. This way, you will tweak the approach and adjust the creation of Stories to get better results.

Use Cases

Many brands have been using scheduled Instagram Stories for better performance of their social media account. Say a fashion brand is creating a story that leads your followers through a new collection. If it plans and schedules the entire campaign in advance, there is no risk of failing to fulfill content plans, letting followers down.

Another example could be a travel agency sharing travel tips and destination highlights. By scheduling Stories to go live at optimal times, the travel agency reaches a broader audience and maintains an encore of content keeping followers interested. Analysis of these use cases will give a clear view of the strategies that work and their best practices for scheduling Instagram Stories.


Being able to schedule Instagram Stories is a powerful and effective opportunity not only to save time but also to keep everything in your hands regarding keeping everything consistent and keeping the engagement rising. Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Planable, Sendible, and Later will help you ease the workflow in preparing the content, ensuring that the Stories reach your most active audience when this is important. Some of the other best practices are timing the posts, storytelling, periodically maintaining visual branding, and using interactive elements.

Right, with scheduling as part of your workflow for Instagram, you'll be able to create better, more engaging Stories that strike a chord with your audience and get you better results. Embrace the techniques and techniques that help your Instagram marketing reach a stage higher and derive success.

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