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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Highlights

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Highlights

Mon May 20 2024


Have you ever noticed why some Instagram profiles are so engaging that they can glue their audience to the screen without much effort? One of the greatest causes behind a potentially engaging Instagram profile is the use of Instagram Highlights. Highlights not only add to the visual element of the profile but function as a feature where you can actually guide a visitor through what you believe a brand or an individual feels is important. Whether you're displaying products, sharing customer testimonials, or going behind the scenes, Highlights can take your profile to the next level. In this guide, we will discuss what Instagram Highlights are and how you can use them to your advantage.

What Are Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights is a feature that allows users to save their best Instagram Stories in a highly visible spot on their profile. Unlike Stories, though, the Highlights are curated by users and are permanent—so one can continue delivering a message about their brand or sharing important moments with those visiting one's profile.

In other words, the Instagram Highlights are an extension of the Instagram Stories, but with a sort of permanency, hence the user can make a collection of Stories to reflect his or her highlights concerning personal or brand identity.

The Role of Highlights in Instagram Browsing

The highlights therefore act as some sort of a guide to a first-timer or a returnee to a profile, leading them through the different parts of a profile. If created well, Highlights might make the browsing experience in your Instagram profile more navigable, thereby enabling a user to arrive at information that is pertinent to their interests or needs.

How to Create and Manage Your Instagram Highlights

Creating Instagram Highlights right after you published a Story is a good way to start. You may create a new Highlight or choose an existing one for adding your Story to. Here's how:

1. Visit Your Profile: Go to your Instagram profile to view your bio and posts.

2. Make a Highlight: Below the Bio and above the Post Gallery, click the '+' or 'New' in the Highlights section.

3. Pick Stories: An activated archive feature will show the list of existing or archived stories. Select those you'd like to put into your Highlight.

4. Name Your Highlight: Now that you've added your Stories you will be prompted to give your Highlight a name. Be descriptive and keep it short.

5. Pick a custom cover: When you set up your story highlight, Instagram gives you two options. You can choose a frame from one of your stories as the cover or select an image from your phone's photo library. This is another important step because it determines what your highlights will appear like, and thereby creates a first impression.

Your Highlights will appear with circular icons at the top of your profile. You can add more Stories in or change the cover or rearrange them in any order you'd like.

Designing Attractive Highlight Covers

Since the Highlight cover is the first thing noticed by someone visiting your profile, it is quite necessary for it to be designed well and to be aesthetic. Here are some tips:

• Consistency is Key: Use consistent colours and themes that resonate with your brand or personal aesthetic. Such uniformity is actually helpful in creating a visual consistency on the profile.

• Simple Icons or Logos: For covers, small designs or icons that say something about the content of what the Highlights are about, work the best.

• Keep the Background Clean: A cluttered background would overshadow the icon or text of your Highlight cover, so it will be hard to distinguish.

• Use Text Labels: Use text labels of highlights if the icons are not self-explanatory to describe the Highlights. Just take care that the text is readable, bold, and at a smaller size.

Organizing Your Highlights for Maximum Impact

Organizing your Highlights strategically can make a huge difference in their power and usability. Below are some tips for doing it effectively:

• Categorize Wisely: Group together similar stories. For example, a business can have separate Highlights for 'New Products', 'Tutorials', and 'Customer Reviews'.

• Placement Priority: Remember that Instagram only displays the first couple of Highlights without scrolling. Keep your most important ones at the beginning.

• Regular Updates: Keep reviewing your Highlights from time to time, adding new content and removing the outdated ones or less important stories. This way, your Highlights are always kept fresh and relevant.

By effectively managing and organizing your Highlights, you can ensure they serve as an effective tool for storytelling and audience engagement on Instagram.

Strategic Uses of Instagram Highlights

Business: Show off Your Products, Testimonials

Instagram Highlights are particularly useful for businesses, as they provide an excellent format to showcase products and services in a prominent and persistent way. Here's how brands can leverage this feature:

• Product Features: Create dedicated Highlights for each product category or new launches. Use this to post Stories that show off product details, usage tips or style inspirations.

• Testimonials: Customer reviews and testimonials posted within a Highlight Reel add credibility and can be used to build trust. Real user feedback on positive experiences is very convincing to a potential customer.

• Behind-the-Scenes: Let your audience peek behind the curtain at day-to-day operations, team introductions, or the making of a product. This creates a level of transparency that can sometimes result in a more personal connection with your audience.

For Personal Profiles: Increasing Engagement and Sharing Experiences

Personal Instagram users can use Highlights to document and share life experiences, travels, or hobbies, therefore making their profile more interesting and relatable:

• Travel Diaries: Use Highlights for each trip or destination. Clips of places, foods, and activities can be part of a travel diary or used for inspiration for others.

• Hobbies and Interests: Special hobbies and interests, such as cooking, arts, or fitness, will let you use Highlights to share related content, tips, and personal achievements.

• Life Events: You can chronicle major life happenings, such as graduations, weddings, or milestone birthdays, via Highlights to keep these memories right at your fingertips and easily shareable with others.

Both strategies prioritize storytelling and connections, a decision that makes Highlights not just a feature but a potent tool of engagement and communication.

Optimizing Highlights for Greater Impact

Content Ideas: Evergreen and Seasonal Ideas

Evergreen content or seasonal content creation helps to keep engagement up on your Instagram account. Here are some ideas:

• Evergreen Content: For business, this is likely to be product tutorials, answers to FAQs, or tips in relation to your industry; for personal users, this may be lifestyle tips, personal philosophies, or fitness routines that don't go out of style.

• Seasonal Content: May it be holiday-themed stories, seasonal sales, or events, it's a way of keeping your Highlights lively and interesting all throughout the year by matching it with the season or trend in a particular period.

Applying Analytics to Measure and Improve Performance

Get to know how your Highlights perform so you can optimize them. Instagram provides business accounts with basic insights that may help you:

• Views and Interactions: Track the number of views and interactions each Highlight has. Highlights that have done well may shed some light on content that could be hitting the mark with your audience.

• Follower Growth: Track if certain highlights of activity have a correlation with spikes in follower growth, which may help identify what draws in new followers.

• Engagement Metrics: Look out for the number of private messages or comments from your Highlights. Engaging content usually triggers conversations or questions.

According to this data, you can continuously adjust your approach by perfecting what works best for your audience and weeding out the less effective content.

Common Mistakes and Best Practices

Dos and Don'ts of Effective Highlights

To make the most out of working with Instagram Highlights, you need to stick to some best practices and avoid the most common pitfalls:

• Keep it Organized: Revisit, update, and curate highlights to keep them fresh and relevant. Delete outdated content, and reorder them so that the most current or most important information moves to the front.

• Do stay visually consistent: Use a similar template or color scheme in Highlight covers in order to make your profile look polished and maintain brand consistency.

• Don't Overload Your Highlights: As attractive as it could seem, don't put too much content on the Highlights; it will only overwhelm the viewer. Instead, focus on quality over quantity.

• Don't Ignore Your Audience's Preferences: Note the analytics and feedback. If some type of content is performing consistently, consider creating similar content.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

There are some definite errors that you want to avoid.

• Neglecting the Design of the Cover: A poorly designed Highlight cover can ruin the look of your overall profile. Take some time and design attractive covers to grab the viewer's attention.

• Inconsistent Update Schedule: Updating your Highlights sporadically or adding to them randomly can give your audience mixed signals. Try to keep a regular schedule or theme.

• Lack of Engagement Strategies: Headlines are supposed not only to display your best content but also to provoke viewer interaction. Include calls-to-action, such as inviting viewers to comment, share, or visit your website.

These are best practices to follow and common mistakes to avoid in maximizing Instagram Highlights to effectively keep engaging and retaining the audience.

Advanced Tips and Future Trends

Highlights Included in the Overall Marketing Strategies

The use of Instagram highlights can be integrated into the broader marketing strategy to multiply the impact. Some ways of doing that are:

• Cross Promotion: Use your Highlights to cross-promote the content on other social media platforms. You could, for example, tease a YouTube video or a blog post inside a Highlight.

• Email Marketing: Drive your email audience to your Instagram page by including screenshots of Highlights in your email newsletters.

• Product Launches: Coordinate your Highlights with product launches or special promotions. Use them to create a buzz and then direct users to the detailed posts or external pages.

Future of Instagram Highlights: Upcoming Features and Predictions

With features this new and exciting on Instagram, staying ahead helps maintain that competitive edge. Here are some possible future trends:

• More customization: Instagram in future could be bringing high-level editing and customization options into Highlights, which will make it more powerful for the user profiles.

• More Shopping Integration: As Instagram continues to expand the shopping features businesses can include in their profiles, Highlights are likely to gain more and more functionality for showcasing and checking out products.

• Enhanced Analytics: This will enable more elaborate analytics for Highlights, which will assist the creators and business organizations in understanding finer details of the effectiveness of their content.

You can now use Instagram Highlights, not as a static feature, but as a dynamic part of the ongoing marketing efforts by leveraging these advanced strategies and getting prepared for future trends in a way that enhances engagement and drives traffic where it is most beneficial.

More Resources and Tools to Conquer Instagram Highlights

Consider checking out these resources to enhance your skills with Instagram Highlights:

• Canva: It comes with Instagram Stories and Highlight covers templates you can customize and edit them so they speak to your brand.

• InShot: Video editing tool that ensures neat Stories and can help your Highlights pop.

• StoryArt: Provides fashionable templates and cover icons that can make your Highlights look quite elevated.

Books and online courses in social media marketing, in particular on Instagram, will also provide you with deep insight into how to use Highlights and other functions effectively to expand your audience and increase engagement.


Instagram Highlights are everything a person needs to make a really strong impression on their Instagram profile, whether for personal branding or business marketing purposes. These Highlights are well thought out and carefully organized, allowing you to display the most important things in your life to your new and existing followers. Here is what you need to have in mind:

• Strategic organization: Group similar content together to tell a coherent story through your Highlights. It helps a viewer find a related content quickly and increase the engagement with your profile.

• Regular Updates: Ensure that your Highlights are updated on a regular basis with new content so that your profile is fresh and interesting. It ensures your followers have something new to look forward to, making them want to come back.

• Engage and Interact: Use Stories as an engagement tool. Invite followers to engage with the content through polls, questions, or direct calls to action.

Instagram Highlights is a powerhouse feature that, if used correctly, will most likely skyrocket your Instagram strategy. Get started by sharing diverse content to see what resonates with your followers, and then optimize from there as you learn what is most impactful. Do this and grow long-term relationships with your followers by utilizing Instagram Highlights like a pro!

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